Dr C Bindu Roy, Senior scientist, Rubber Research Institute of India(RRII), has been selected for the Guman Devi Memorial Best Woman Scientist Award. This award is presented based on a national contest, which shortlisted five women scientist from across India.
The presentations were in the annual conference and 38th national symposium of the Indian Society of Mycology and Plant Pathology held at Kolkata during November 24-26, 2016. Dr Bindu Roy was selected for the national award for her paper entitled “Targeting disease resistance loci conferring tolerance to major diseases of rubber.”
Identifying genes conferring tolerance to diseases is highly desired for disease resistance breeding. Resistance traits are quantitative in nature and are determined by many genes and gene complexes, which are described as quantitative trait loci (QTL).
Dr Roy’s paper discussed on construction of a saturated genetic linkage map of rubber tree and identification of QTLs for disease resistance, improving the accuracy of selection in breeding schemes and paving way for early selection of high-yielding rubber clones with disease resistance trait.