Goodyear has launched three new concept tyres — the Eagle 360 Urban, IntelliGrip Urban, and the Goodyear CityCube — designed for the Toyoyta i-TRIL concept car.
The Eagle 360 Urban is the first concept tyre to be powered by Artificial Intelligence, and is able to sense, decide, transform and interact. The IntelliGrip Urban is a concept tyre designed for future-generation autonomous electric ride-sharing vehicles in urban areas. With its advanced Sensor-in-Tyre technology, the IntelliGrip Urban is a smart tyre designed to support autonomous vehicle control systems and enhance passenger safety.
The Goodyear CityCube is designed for the Toyota i-TRIL concept car. As a result of advanced sensor technology and a unique tread design, the CityCube can identify a variety of road conditions and transmit this data to the vehicle to support the advanced collision prevention systems.