JK Tyre & Industries Ltd announced the launch of the advertisement campaign for its BLAZE range of two-wheelers tyres. Equipped with built-in hybrid technology, the BLAZE tyres have been developed for premium high performance experience, a trait that has become synonymous with JK Tyre in the bus/truck radial tyre category.
JK Tyre’s BLAZE series is 100% run-out tested to ensure efficiency of the mechanical system. BLAZE tyres are Hybrid and can be used in both tube-type and tube-less applications. They have been evaluated by experts and are racetrack tested for better grip and cornering ability.
The overall design is combined with an asymmetrical tread, which helps in improving control and shuffling frequency in tough on-road conditions. The BLAZE tyres come in 14 sizes and thus fit perfectly with two-wheeler vehicles available in the Indian market.