Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. (SRI) has developed a new tyre sensing technology called “SENSING CORE,” which is able to detect road conditions, tyre load and other information by analyzing the wheel speed signals that are generated by the rotation of the tyres.
SRI has already perfected its proprietary DWS (Deflation Warning System) technology, which analyzes wheel speed signals from the rotation of tyres to detect and notify the driver of decreases in tyre air pressure. DWS technology has been adopted by many automobile manufacturers and can now be found as a factory standard feature in countless vehicles throughout the world.
The new “SENSING CORE” is the next evolution in DWS technology, an advancement that eliminates the need for an additional, dedicated sensors by instead utilizing cutting-edge software to detect tyre pressure directly from existing wheel speed signals, thereby reducing the cost of installation and eliminating the need for maintenance, the company says in a Press release.