Specialty chemicals company LANXESS presented its third Colored Concrete Works Award to Rudy Ricciotti, a distinguished architect who has achieved something unique in the use of colored concrete. He got the award for his “Musée des Civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée” (MuCEM) project in Marseille in the south of France.
Tilman Reichert, an architect on the MuCEM project who works at Rudy Ricciotti Architects, received the award from JörgHellwig, head of the Inorganic Pigments business unit (IPG) at LANXESS.
The building is constructed of a total of 1,100 cubic meters of concrete – in the form of prefabricated concrete slabs – and 250 cubic meters of in-situ concrete. The darkgray color tone was provided by the LANXESS pigments Bayferrox 330 and Bayferrox 318.
Second place went to Nils Buschmann and Tom Friedrich for their “Residential buildings at the Old Locomotive Depot” project in Berlin. Third place went to Professor VasárosZsolt for “RudapithecusLátványtár,” the Spectacle Rudapithecus of Monkey Island landscape museum in Rudabánya, Hungary.

Caption for photo:
(L to R) Tilman Reichert, JörgHellwig and Chris Kühn, Member of the German Parliament, at the award function.