The 10th ANRPC Annual Rubber Conference will be held on 23 October 2017 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Under the theme “Re-engineering Value Chain for Revitalizing Production Sector”, the conference aims at mapping the supply-chain infrastructure in global natural rubber industry and exploring possibilities to strengthen the same.

The theme assumes significance because rubber farmers lose considerable income due to inefficiencies in supply-chain infrastructure, value-chain system and information dissemination system, says ANRPC adding that while there are limitations to influence market prices, opportunities are available to support the income of farmers by focussing on supply chain and value addition.

The programme for the one-day conference, to be hosted by the Government of Vietnam, is structured into three presentations and two panel discussions. There will be a presentation on

“Optimising supply-chain infrastructure of global NR industry: Missed linkages and untapped potential”by Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Bich, Secretary-General, ANRPC.

The topic for panel discussions are “Markets run by farmers: Experience across ANRPC member countries” and “Value addition in major NR exporting countries: Miles to go”