Hi-Green Carbon, a division of Radhe Group, supplies a range of carbon black products in pellet and fluffy forms to meet performance and processability requirement across many industries

The Radhe Group of Energy is one of the fastest growing private enterprises in the renewable energy sector. Radhe has been pioneer in the field of Bio mass/Coal Gasifiers, with diversified balanced portfolio stretching from casting, consumer goods, corporate farming, Tins & Cans packaging to Spirulina based herbal products.

The Real Green Carbon Black

Hi-Green Carbon, a division of Radhe Group, produces carbon black from high-quality crumb rubber in presence of chemical accelerators in a manner that positively impacts environment by reducing Greenhouse Gas emission. “We believe in protection and conservation of environment and mother earth, hence we have
taken a step toward reducing the carbon footprint by using environment-friendly technology,” says Dr Shailesh Makadia, Chairman & Managing Director of Radhe Group of Energy.

Fully indigenous plant

“Our fully indigenous, patented world’s first 100 tonne/day process plant uses a combination of thermal and mechanical operation of cracking long chain of polymer into small fractions using chemical accelerators which produce highly refined product equivalent to the standard of carbon black produced traditionally by heavy oil feedstock. This patented technology saves about 60 tonne of carbon dioxide emission while producing 30 tonne/day of Hi-Green Carbon Black,” explains Dr Shailesh Makadia.
The Carbon Black thus produced goes through vigorous multi-stage refining process at very high temperature to reduce impurities followed by pelletizing and packaging, which give the product a leading edge over traditionally produced ASTM Grade carbon black. At present, the company’s ASTM grade Hi-green Carbon Black is widely used in industrial rubber & plastic industries.

Wide range of products

The company supplies a range of carbon black products in pellet and fluffy form under the brand of Hi-Green Carbon to meet performance and processability requirement across many industries.
Rubber industry lags behind other industries when it comes to use of recycled products, due to lower quality of carbon black, but Hi-Green Carbon has been tested & certified by third party and used by many rubber companies for replacement of prime carbon black.
The company’s current grades are SS-330, SS-550, SS-774 in granular form and SH-665 in powder form.
For details, visit www.higreencarbon.com. Also visit Hi-Green Carbon stall no R44B at Rubber & Tyre Expo @ SECC, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, on June 13-15, 2017.