BKT Earthmax SR 53 in action

Balkrishna Industries Ltd (BKT) has developed four special tyres that are ideal for being fitted on loaders and material-handling equipment in the recycling sector.
The new tyres — BK-Loader 53, Earthmax SR 43, Earthmax SR 53 and Earthmax SR 55 — are particularly suitable for sites where waste disposal and material-recycling operations take place, BKT says in a Press release.
BK-Loader 53, an aramid-belted tyre, is specially developed to equip loaders in industrial applications. Its special tread design ensures optimum lateral stability and extra-deep tread providing extraordinary resistance against tears, cuts and punctures.
Earthmax SR 43 is the ideal radial tyre for all loading and material-transport operations in storage, collection and recycling sites, as well as in caves, open pit mines and scrap yards.