Onkar S Kanwar

Onkar S Kanwar, Chairman of Apollo Tyres Ltd, has said that Apollo will continue its focus on India, even while strengthening its operations in Europe.
Addressing the 44th Annual General Meeting of the company in Kochi, Kerala, he said: “We remain determined to strengthen our home base and Apollo will continue to invest in its various plants in the country for capacity expansion and technological upgradation. We see our investments as part of the over-arching strategy to build leadership in India.”
Apollo has already completed the phase 1 of the Truck Bus radial expansion in the Chennai plant. The company has also announced plans to set up its fifth Indian manufacturing plant in state of Andhra Pradesh to create capacities for the two-wheeler tyre and other emerging product categories.
Few products launched earlier are now market leaders in their categories. For instance, Apollo Amazer 4G Life which runs up to 100,000 kms is a market leader in its category in India, he said.
As part of the company’s Vision 2020, Apollo has set its sight on achieving key objectives for the years ahead. These include building leadership in India, premiumization in Europe, and explore strategically attractive markets where Apollo is currently not represented.
Kanwar said that the import of low cost radials for truck and bus is proving to be a challenge for the company’s bias products manufactured in its Kerala plants.
“This is a big issue as we saw a unit closing down because of these low-cost imports. However, we have put in place a strategy of expanding our bias product portfolio for the other segments like mining, agriculture, etc. and building a leadership position in these segments,” he added.