Employees at Apollo Tyres’ Chennai plant have kick-started the planting of one lakh saplings in Vilanallur village in Tamil Nadu, India under the company’s Environment initiative. The employees, in association with the project partner, TIST, and the farmers, have already planted 1000 saplings. The balance trees would be planted by the project partner and farmers over the course of next few months.

“We believe that developing agroforestry and encouraging farmers to use their land effectively are critical for the solution of deforestation. It is responsible for about 20 per cent of global warming and climate change, which are two big threats to business, livelihood and survival.  Since 2014, Apollo Tyres has planted 250,000 trees and has encouraged the farmers to manage their land effectively by planting trees and practice food crops simultaneously. As per the agreement with The International Small Group Tree Planting Program (TIST) India, the company will monitor these trees for the next 10 years, to get over 25,000 tonnes of carbon credit,” a press statement from Apollo Tyres said.

Encouraged by the success of the project, in terms of survival of 250,000 trees and to further increase the tree cover, improve food crops and ground water level in the villages around Chennai, Apollo Tyres has decided to undertake the planting of additional 100,000 trees.

In addition to the planting of trees, under Biodiversity Conservation, the company is also running a Mangrove Conservation project in Kerala, in association with Wildlife Trust of India. Besides, Apollo Tyres has undertaken multiple initiatives towards restoration of ponds near its manufacturing facilities in India under Watershed Management.