At the upcoming Farm Progress Show 2017, BKT will exhibit its masterpieces from the agricultural tire lineup Agrimax starting with its high-end product, Agrimax Force, displayed in size IF 900/60 R 42. The Farm Progress Show 2017, the largest outdoor farming event throughout the United States,  will be held in Decatur, Illinois from August 29 to 31. On an even larger area this year, the top-of-the-range products from the Agrimax tire lineup for the farming sector are on display along with a selection of ATV tires.

Agrimax RT 600, is perfect for grassland, harvesting and spraying applications. Its large contact area ensures an excellent pressure distribution on the land, thus protecting the soil and preserving the yield of any farming business. The tire will be present at the trade show in size 1050/50 R 32.

The next tire on display is Agrimax Spargo, size VF 380/105 R 50, the special BKT tire for row crops, which has been designed for enhanced productivity in the fields preserving the soil. Some of its features are outstanding traction, optimum self-cleaning properties, stability, and higher load capacity at standard inflation pressure.

Another showpiece is Agrimax RT 855, displayed in size 380/85 R 34, which provides excellent traction and riding comfort. Mainly designed for soil tillage and both field and road transport, some sizes are also suitable for row crops, spraying, and vineyard harvesting.

To complete the picture of the extensive Agrimax lineup, there is Agrimax Sirio, size IF 600/70 R 30, BKT’s high-speed tire (up to 70 km/h – 45 mph) for high-performance tractors. Providing best performance both on the road and in the fields, the high sidewall flexibility ensures outstanding comfort to improve the driving experience.

Since BKT is the official and exclusive tire manufacturer of Monster Jam, the audience at this year’s Farm Progress Show has the great opportunity to take a break at the booth area, which has been specially arranged for the Monster Jam Experience powered by BKT. At the limelight there is the legendary Grave Digger Truck, the company said.