BKT is the official sponsor of the tractor competition Xtractor, whose destination has not been disclosed yet, for the second time. Travel, agriculture, and technology are the ingredients of an adventure involving a crew leading a convoy of 4 latest-generation McCormick tractors – ready to face the most unexpected events that they will encounter along the way of this docu-reality series. BKT will be in the front line, alongside seven tractor drivers, and will equip their vehicles with state-of-the-art tyres that offer performance, resistance, and strength.

Xtractor, the TV format produced by Identity, continues its journey to the far end of the world. Following the 2015 first edition in Australia, when tractors covered approximately 8,500 km in 50 days across the limitless spaces of the Outback, in April 2018 the adventure is ready to set off again. 16 people, 4 tractors with a total of 1,000 horsepower and 3 off-road vehicles will turn their engines on for a second exciting expedition with a destination that is still classified.

“Xtractor is a real adventure for us. It gives us the opportunity to talk about a topic that we hold dear – global agriculture – as well as another topic that we hold even dearer: solidarity. Two years ago, we were in the front line in the Australian edition, but we are now excited to know that Xtractor is spreading a humanitarian message,” said Lucia Salmaso, CEO of BKT Europe.

The new edition of Xtractor stands out for its humanitarian nature as well – the tractor convoy will engage in agricultural projects involving local communities they meet along the way, in need of any help they can get to develop their economy. Xtractor will be collaborating with Amref, one of the largest non-profit health organisations at international level.