The Yokohama Rubber Company will participate in the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017, to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from October 25 through November 5. Commemorating the 100th anniversary of its founding in October, Yokohama Rubber will use this year’s Tokyo Motor Show to showcase its long history of tyre products that have provided drivers with exciting performance. The Yokohama booth also will feature some of the company’s currently popular tyre models and highlight the company’s technological prowess with informative displays about its rubber technologies and next-generation technologies that will shape the future of automotive tyres.

The booth will have a reproduction of Japan’s first corded tyre, the Hama Town Cord (produced in 1921); first radial tyre, the G.T. SPECIAL (introduced in 1967), and the ADVAN HF (introduced in 1978). Besides, ADVAN HF Type D and ADVAN 052 will also be on display.

The booth’s display on rubber technologies will focus in particular on wet grip technology. The most silent-running tyre ever developed by the company ADVAN dB V552 will also be exhibited.

The booth will also display two new tires featuring next-generation technologies. The first is a lightweight tyre designed to be more eco-friendly by using less natural resources and being lighter than the conventional product. The second is an evolutionary aerodynamic tyre that delivers superior fuel efficiency and safety by controlling the flow of air to the vehicle.