The manufacturing industry in India seeks nod to import Cup lump into the country. The cup lump is the small amount of latex that drips into the cup after the collection of latex. It is one of the four types of field coagula collected from the rubber tree. Tree lace, earth scrap and smallholders lump are the others.

According to a report in The Hindu newspaper, the manufacturing industry had approached the office of the Prime Minister seeking the green signal for the import of cup lump rubber. The cup lump is priced at Rs 60/kg. The prevailing latex price in India is Rs 89.30/kg and the RSS4 price is Rs 129.50/kg (January 15, 2018).

However, there are concerns about the potential damage such a move can make to the domestic supply-base.

“Cup lump being an unprocessed rubber, it also poses a potential threat of exotic plant diseases,” said Jom Jacob, Senior Economist, ANRPC on a Social Media post.