Hartalega Holdings Bhd, the world’s largest producer of nitrile gloves, has launched the world’s first non-leaching antimicrobial glove with built-in antimicrobial technology that is proven to kill micro-organisms and prevent the spread of infections.
In a statement, Hartalega says the new glove, which it calls a “game-changing” product, was developed in collaboration with antimicrobial research and development company Chemical Intelligence UK.
“This technological breakthrough is the first ever to contain a new active micro-organism-killing molecule, designed to prevent the spread of bacteria to and from surfaces and people. With the tech built into the glove, it does not need applications of further solutions or chemicals.
Bacteria coming into contact will be exposed to the antimicrobial activity which, in independent testing, achieved up to 99.999% kill within just five minutes of contact,” the statement adds.
To date, Hartalega said it has invested over US$10mil (RM40mil) in the development of this innovative product, with further investment underway for future enhancements.
Says Hartalega Managing Director Kuan Mun Leong: “The product is set to be available in hospitals around the world and is being produced at a low cost in order to reduce barriers to access. It is our hope that this product would help raise the bar and become a new standard for the global healthcare industry, in order to save lives across the world.”