A reputable global supplier of high quality chemicals for the rubber and latex industries, CEEBEE Chemicals Sdn Bhd, based in Malaysia, offers a complete and comprehensive range of industrial chemical products of fine quality at competitive prices to cater to each and every demand of the customers. The company has a commendable reputation built on quality and reliability

CEEBEE Chemicals based in the world’s glove capital of Malaysia enjoys global reputation as a reliable supplier of high-quality chemicals for the rubber and latex-based industries. The company commenced business as a supplier of speciality and industrial fine chemicals and till today this has remained as the core business for the company.
“Our success is mainly contributed by our systematic approach in improving our ideas and products. Being a custom-centric company, we do everything to maintain and further enhance the quality of our products to gain customers’ trust,” says C L Cheah, the Founder-Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the company.
“Such an enviable development and success would not have been possibly achieved without the company’s firm belief and commitment in investments in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and technology as well as excellent R&D laboratory facilities and skilled professionals to meet the ever-demanding customers’ expectations in today’s competitive marketing environment,” he adds.

Customer focus

The company ensures that its process and services are set up to fulfil continuous improvement with the aim of achieving maximum customer satisfaction. Besides guarantee of quality, CEEBEE Chemicals claims that it has fully geared to handle orders at short notice with individual formulations . “Our dedicated team ensures that the quickest and the most cost effective despatch to both domestic and international destinations.
We maintain continuous stocks of all our popular products ensuring their immediate availability”, says Cheah.
The company has adopted the most advanced technologies in its process so as to enable the company to serve more niche markets. “We are constantly expanding our markets with particular emphasis on promoting awareness of our brands internationally”, he adds. It is a fact that the company leaves no stones unturned to build long term customer relationship based on outstanding reputations for high quality products and reliability of supply.

Operational excellence

The company operates with strong adherence to quality norms. The ISO 9001 2015-certified CEEBEE Chemicals is well acclaimed for producing the best quality products in an efficient manner to meet competition in the regional market successfully. The company always strives hard to stay ahead in the industry, thanks to its committed R&D team led by experienced personnel.
“We will never compromise on quality. With our well equipped lab, we could ensure good quality control to meet customer expectations,” explains Cheah.
The company’s vision is to emerge as the preferred and reliable partners in the industry while the company’s mission is to become a leading creative regional company through establishing enduring partnerships and providing excellent services and quality products with the help of the company’s responsible and committed workforce.

Impressive product range

The company’s products, which have been extensively tested and now available in the market, include: Dispersions & Emulsions RASPERSE series, Antioxidants RALOX series, Accelerators EZCURE series, Fillers ECARB series, Colour Pigments EZTONE series, Surfactants EZSTAB series, Cleaning Agents EZCLEAN series, Wetting agents EZWET series, Anti-Tacks EZSTRIP series, Donning Agent EZDON series and Anti-foam EZMIX series.
CEEBEE has of late unveiled an expanded range of industrial fine chemical products and made improvements in quality
and constant upgrading of resources (especially on manufacturing and laboratory facilities) to cater to the demands
of the customers that change due to technological advancement and higher expectations.
Aided by its strategic central location of warehousing facilities, skilled and talented laboratory analysts, CEEBEE is able to offer quick response time to customers and provide a matching fit of industrial fine chemicals to their manufacturing needs. The company’s major export destinations include Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, India, Iran, Turkey, China, Vietnam and Sri Lanka.
CEEBEE stands out in the market primarily on two contributing factors: The first and the foremost is the company’s ability to produce its own in-house brand of high-quality water-based Dispersions, Emulsions and Customized Composites with commitments to quality and innovation as the industry’s benchmark. The second, the trust placed on the company by international manufacturers allowing CEEBEE to carry and market their branded quality industrial chemical products. “Such trust is derived from the excellent marketing network laboriously built-up by the company as we are very focused on what we do. This trust is a testimony to our commitment to serve our customers to the best of our ability,” explains Cheah.


Further investments are being planned to increase the plant capacity and acquire new technology. New products to increase the product range will be gradually introduced after extensive testing and, of course, improving the company’s constant quality process.
To maintain its position as a market leader in the industrial chemical industry, CEEBEE strongly believes in staying ahead of competitors by constantly improving on its production facilities and resources.
Further expansion and upgrading of its manufacturing and laboratory facilities are being planned with the acquisition of an enlarged eco-friendly manufacturing plant set with the latest technologically advanced equipment.