You can soon expect to drive your car on tyres that have the same colour as your vehicle and that need inflating only once a year.
Dr Sabu Thomas, Professor of Polymer Engineering and Nanotechnology and Vice-Chancellor in charge of MG University, Kottayam, Kerala, and his team have successfully developed the prototypes of tyres that can have any colour of your choice and have less air permeability.
Dr Sabu Thomas and his team did the experiment spanning over 6 years under the MG University’s Nanotechnology and Polymer Chemistry division.
Talking ro Rubber Asia, Dr Sabu Thomas explains that the conventional tyres look black because carbon black is added to them. In the new tyre developed by Dr Sabu Thomas, carbon black is completely replaced by silica which makes it possible to add any colour to it, without compromising on the safety and life of the tyre.
Another finding of this distinguished Nanotech scientist is that air permeability of tyres can be greatly reduced by making improvements to the inner lines of tyres. The new inner line has been made by mixing natural rubber, artificial rubber and clarified clay. The clay particles in the inner line prevent air from escaping the tyre, thus necessitating inflating only once a year, he says.

(Read the full story in the upcoming November-December 2018 issue of Rubber Asia)