With manufacturing facilities in 3 different locations in India, JG Chemicals today is the country’s No. 1 producer of various grades of high-quality Zinc Oxide and the preferred supplier to all the leading Indian as well as foreign companies operating in India

J G Chemicals Private Limited (JGC), a part of the renowned BDJ Group, has been producing Zinc Oxide since its inception in the year 1975. The BDJ group has made major contribution to the growth of various industries in India since 1900. The company has to its credit 40 years of reliable, consistent and high-quality service to the Zinc Oxide user industry.
With manufacturing facilities at 3 different locations, JGC today is the top producer of Zinc Oxide (French Process) in India. JGC has two manufacturing sites in Kolkata and the Group has another state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Naidupeta, Andhra Pradesh, about 50 KM from Chennai. The total capacity is about 30,000 MTPA which makes them the largest Zinc Oxide (white seal) manufacturer in India by a very wide margin.

Ultra-modern facility

The Naidupeta facility commissioned in the year 2017 is India’s most modern Zinc Oxide facility. The company has set up an R&D centre as well for developed newer grades/applications of Zinc Oxide.
Today, JGC’s list of customers include leading manufacturers of varied industry sectors ranging from the tyres, tubes, beltings and other rubber goods, besides glass, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics and agriculture. JGC is supplying to the global leaders both in India and abroad.
The management of JGC is vested in a responsible, experienced, creative and dynamic team of professionals having the right blend of youth and experience.
Says Suresh Jhunjhunwala, Managing Director of J G Chemicals: “The expanding usage of Zinc Oxide has undoubtedly contributed to the growth of the company. We, however, believe that a far greater contribution is made in the way we discharge our commitment to our customers. Our team of trained and dedicated employees enables us to fulfill our commitment to consistent quality, exceptional service and security of supplies.”

Emphasis on quality

JGC has always laid a great deal of emphasis on production of quality material. Zinc Oxide is produced in various grades and specifications depending on the requirement of the customers. The production sites are best known for their efficiency and prompt response as per the needs of the clients. The production sites are certified as per the latest quality certifications from various bodies.
Says Jhunjhunwala: “We believe in helping our customers by producing Zinc Oxide which suits their needs totally. We work closely with our customers to develop particular grades of Zinc Oxide tailor-made for their needs. Nevertheless, it is always noteworthy for us that Quality Management is not just a matter of the ISO certification. It is a matter of putting quality standards into practice. In pursuit of this goal, we continuously pool all our know-how and experience in the area of management, R&D, production and logistics.”
The effectiveness of the quality system enforced can very well be analyzed from the fact that the organization possesses an almost nil rejection record. The level of customer satisfaction can be judged from the repeat orders received from customers. This is something that the company values the most. JGC’s aim is to “better the best” everyday and take on new challenges that come on its path, Jhunjhunwala says.

Customer is King

The business activities of JGC are driven by the company’s philosophy of “Long Term” business partnership with customers through market responsive approach and efficient service. Customers can always depend on JGC as a reliable source of supply, delivering products of consistently high quality, conforming to agreed specifications and with strict adherence to contractual commitments.
Security of supply is guaranteed by optimum utilization of production resources, diversified raw material sourcing arrangements and adequate raw material treatment capabilities. With its 3 manufacturing sites no other manufacturer can match JGC’s supply security and reliability. This provides its customers with the opportunity of using JGC as a single supply source.
Some of the global tyre majors have chosen JGC as their single source of supply of Zinc Oxide for their India operations and have also given the responsibility of inventory management to JGC.

Distribution network

JGC has set up a network which enables it to market its products all over India and abroad. This also enables it to provide optimized service through a permanent dialogue with the customer. The organization liaises closely with its agents and customers to adapt or improve its products according to their needs with minimum lead-time.
JGC has an extremely strong and global supplier base which ensures it has sufficient inventory so that minor issues in supply do not affect production and the customers. This strength has ensured that the leading companies have chosen JGC as their primary source for Zinc Oxide.
“At JGC we feel that developing and nurturing our Human Capital Base is a prime objective and hence all efforts are made to constantly train the factory and office personnel and keep them conversant with the changes happening in the production process and industry environment. We always try to give our customers an extra bit in addition to just Zinc Oxide,” adds Jhunjhunwala.