The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is sweeping the world. As the automotive industry is all set to migrate from internal combustion (IC) engine vehicle to Electric Vehicle (EV), it will have a serious effect on tyres, a key component of the electric vehicle.

Experts are of the view that even though electric cars may burn through their tyres at a quicker rate than ordinary cars, it can still give longer life to tyres if you provide proper maintenance and care to your tyres.

Here are a few tips on proper maintenance of EV tyres:

  • Electric vehicles weigh about 20 to 30% more than their internal combustion counterparts mostly due to the batteries. So, do not accelerate too abruptly when driving an electric vehicle, as this harsh action teamed with the heavier weight of the vehicle can be troublesome for your tyres. Accelerate more softly and avoid hard cornering.
  • Check wheel alignment regularly as electric cars have a tendency to wear the inside edge of the tyre. Also, rotate tyres at recommended intervals to balance the wear patterns.
  • Check the tyre pressure weekly to make sure you are not running above or below the recommended pressure for the size and weight of your vehicle.
  • Because they are under a heavier load, electric car tyres are less likely to resist a puncture. So inspect the tyre for any foreign matter such as screws, nails or fragments of stone that could cause a puncture.
  • Ensure that the tyres you select are appropriate for the size and model of your car. You may find a cheaper tyre with a lower load rating, but the weight of the vehicle will wear it out faster.
  • Electric cars do not come with a spare tyre which add extra weight to the vehicle. So make sure that you carry a tyre repair kit in your car to repair a puncture on the side of the road. Also, make sure your vehicle comes with a roadside assistance programme or you have the proper towing service through an auto club provider to get you to a preferred dealer or tyre store.