GRI, a leading producer of Specialty Tires in Sri Lanka, has installed one of the largest roof top solar systems in the country. With a capacity of 1,200kW (1.2MW), the solar panels are expected to generate 136,557kWh of electricity per month.
This green initiative spans across a roof area of approximately 90,000 square feet and is expected to generate a monthly revenue of approximately Rs 3 million once it is connected to the national electricity grid under the net plus scheme, GRI says in a Press release.
This environmental awareness system will help reduce over 1,100 metric tonnes of carbon emissions per annum, which is equivalent to more than 20,000 trees that could absorb CO2 annually, GRI adds.
In addition to the solar power system, GRI employs many other green initiatives such as a bio-mass boiler for steam generation, rain water harvesting, tree planting, natural lighting on factory sidewalls etc.