Mark Chen

ARLANXEO, a world-leading synthetic rubber company, has announced the appointment of Sun Hong as the new Managing Director of ARLANXEO in China and Mark Chen as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO), effective January 1, 2019.
As their predecessors, Ming Cheng Chien will concentrate on his duties as President of LANXESS Asia-Pacific Region and Michelle Liu will continue to serve as CFO for LANXESS China, ARLANXEO says in a Press release.
With over 20 years of experience in the chemicals industry, Sun Hong has been with ARLANXEO since the start by serving as plant manager of the High Performance Elastomers (HPE) Business Unit (Changzhou) plant. The responsibility has been continued from his role at LANXESS since 2013.
Sun Hong was previously responsible for production facility construction of the High Performance Materials (HPM) business unit and production management of the leather chemicals business at LANXESS. He has successfully managed the relocation of LANXESS’s leather business from Wuxi to Changzhou in 2010.
Mark Chen previously worked for the Bayer Group before joining LANXESS in 2005 as a Controller for the Performance Butadiene Rubbers business unit based in Texas—now the Tire & Specialty Rubbers business unit. He assumed financial management positions and became the Head of Treasury for LANXESS Chemical (China) Company Ltd. in 2009.