By Prof T N Kalamani:

With the unique status of being the pioneer, leader and the only manufacturer of high-tech Rubber Injection Molding Machines with in-house capabilities of producing Molds and Cold Runner Block in the country for many years, DESMA India, headquartered in Ahmadabad, Gujarat, stands tall in this niche market of the global rubber machinery industry. And, with a vision to retaining this global reputation, the company is investing heavily in continuous technology
up-gradation, innovation and customer support.

The rise and rise of DESMA Machinery Pvt Ltd. (KDMPL), famed as DESMA India, to an enviable top slot in the global rubber machinery manufacturing industry is amazing! DESMA already has the undisputed reputation of being the pioneer, leader and the only manufacturer of high-tech Rubber Injection Molding Machines in the country for many years! And, with a view to retaining and reinforcing this global leadership in the special segment of the rubber machinery industry, this Indian arm of DESMA Germany is investing heavily in continuous technology up-gradation, augmenting manufacturing resources, constant innovation and enhancing customer support by providing “complete solution” to their specific needs.

Taking an expensive route

DESMA always chose a less-trodden path in machinery manufacturing. It was thanks to its global policy of pursuing the ‘Road Less Travelled’, DESMA preferred the expensive route to have its own manufacturing set up by investing adequate capital and training and employing the local talent.
Notes Arun Mankodi, DESMA India’s seasoned and enterprising Managing Director: “This policy gave us an ‘early bird advantage’ and helped us retain the reputation as the pioneer, leader and the only manufacturer of high-tech Rubber Injection Molding Machines for many years.”

Innovation leader

DESMA has realized the importance of constant innovation. Observes the Managing Director: “Undoubtedly, DESMA remained an undisputed leader as far as innovation is concerned. DESMA continued to innovate newer methods of effective and improved molding process along with a clear focus on energy-saving inputs. DESMA introduced high-efficiency Servo Gear Hydraulics on machines and highly power-saving Eco Silence Temperating units for efficient and economical heating of Polymer.”
What is more, “DESMA has always remained in the forefront of Cold Runner and Molding technology and our latest pressure sensor-based molding technique is setting new standards of accurate filling through precision pressure sensors in mold cavities,” he says.

Implements revolutionary Industry 4.0

DESMA has taken sufficient measures to implement the latest revolutionary trend of Industry 4.0 as the machinery maker very well knows it is the most effective way to enhance the company’s operational excellence to a higher level. These measures include:
• Servo-based equipment for energy saving
• Implementation of lean management concepts
• Implementation of environment, health and safety standards
• Implementation of digitization in manufacturing by integrating ERP, CAD& CAM softwares
• Installation of 100 kWp roof
top solar system
• SmartConnect 4.U cloud-based solution, offering various possibilities in smart manufacturing such as: Online service support, Online procurement of spare parts, Online updated MC documentation, Online data acquisition and evaluation, Process control for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Smart app for mobile access.

Augmenting manufacturing resources

And in order to meet the highly demanding, competitive and challenging customer needs, DESMA is continuously improving and augmenting manufacturing resources.
Explains the Managing Director: “We are increasing our production area up to 8,000 sq metres and adding state-of-the-art machines and equipment for providing turnkey solutions to customers.”
He adds: “By way of implementation of the lean management concept, quality management system ISO 9001, ISO 14000 environment standards and OSHAS 18000 health and safety standards, we are continuously increasing our value-added activities and reducing waste. Innovative business practices have helped us in increasing productivity, improving overall competitiveness, improving quality of our products and services, inculcating good management system and imbibing the culture of continuous improvement.”

Complete solution provider

Arun Mankodi enumerates the unique advantages DESMA’s Rubber Injection Molding Machines to the rubber processors and products manufacturers:
• DESMA is the ONLY Rubber Injection Molding Machine producer having in-house production capabilities of producing Molds and Cold Runner Blocks. Thus DESMA can provide “complete solution” for complex parts as per customer needs. These ‘Turnkey’ solutions are not provided by any other machine manufacturer.
• DESMA is also known for providing high degree of automation on Rubber Injection Molding for the intricate needs of rubber processors.

Other trail-blazing machinery

DESMA has other trail-blazing machinery as well which are well-accepted by the customers. Elaborates Mankodi: “Apart from the regular Injection Molding Machines with standard range, DESMA, as special project, has developed a Quadra Machine having rotary stations for a world-leading processor of Rubber to Metal bonded parts.”
“DESMA has special series of machines for Pump Stators.
These machines are extensively
used for spiral molding of rubber inside the metal pipes used for mining and oil exploration.”

Strong One-Team approach

DESMA India commenced manufacturing operations from June 1996. The initial product was a 100-ton machine with half and one liter variation. Following this model, DESMA introduced 160-ton machine two years later and 250-ton model a year afterwards. Subsequently, DESMA has launched 400-ton machine, 25-ton C frame machine, state-of-the-art 560 ton machine with bench mark clamping system etc.
Thanks to the overwhelming support from DESMA Germany, DESMA India is at present acclaimed as the standard setter for the Indian rubber machinery industry.
Following a superior product, cost-effective execution was the prime concern that was addressed effectively. Says the Managing Director: “We attribute this achievement to a strong ‘One-Team’ approach in all spheres of establishment – Technology, Manufacturing and Customer Support.”

Keeping consistent quality

From the very early stage, the policy of the Group has been to establish the best manufacturing practices. Says Mankodi: “Having the background of working with a leading Plastic Machine manufacturer, our team members were experienced in taking care of this aspect.”
“Our ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy for any compromise at any stage of manufacturing as well as the policy to adhere to the standards set by our principals was the prime reason for consistent quality.”
“Machines delivered by DESMA India from 1996 are still operational 24×7, and this explains the above claims.”

Upgrading technology

Adds P.K. Shah, Vice President – Operations: “We are proud to say that DESMA is always at the forefront of technology upgrades from time to time.” He cites examples:

  • “Our latest introduction of cost-effective Servo Gear hydraulics is certain to save power in the long run.”
  • “Our innovative designs of Cold Runner Blocks made from a single steel block with flat, long and flow control nozzles technology saves waste of runners.”
  • “DESMA’s hydraulic machines employ the latest ‘Zero Power Loss’ proportional technology.”
  • “What is more, we have developed a clever combination of hardware and software (SmartConnect 4.U) for Industry 4.0 revolution in the manufacturing sector. This application with machine internet connection and networking via SmartDevice will facilitate our customer for data acquisition from any number of machines related to article, machine parameters, rubber material, preventive maintenance, requisition for spares, online support, measurement of consumables and health parameters of the machines.”

Delighting customers

DESMA India delivers consistently very high-quality and process-optimized equipment. Apart from the high-quality equipment, the customers are also benefited by the customer-centric solutions and supports provided by DESMA experts located at various strategic locations.
Explains Arun: “DESMA does its business competently, reliably and with the never-ending objective of delighting its customers. We have Regional offices close to customers with adequate SES. We give quick response to customer service requests. We offer value added service for process optimization, adaptation for new production process, Machine Inspection & Health check-up services.”
No wonder, DESMA currently enjoys the majority market share of over 85% in the domestic market. The machinery maker caters to the majority of the Automotive and Electrical markets delivering around 200 machines a year.
And what about DESMA’s vision for the future and the road map to achieve it? Reiterates a confident Arun Mankodi: “DESMA aims to retain global leadership in Rubber Injection Molding Machine, Molds and Cold Runner Block segment through continuous improvement in present technology, new innovations and customer support.”
Indeed, DESMA’s growth story is ongoing and uninterrupted.