DESMA Machinery Pvt Ltd. (DESMA India), the pioneer and global leader of high-tech Rubber Injection Molding Machines, is constantly engaged in an all-out effort to provide ‘turnkey solutions’ to its customers worldwide.
In an interview to Rubber Asia, Arun Mankodi, the much experienced and resourceful Managing Director of the company, speaks at length on many aspects and attributes of the company including its inception, its association with DESMA Germany which finally led to its becoming the fully-owned Indian arm of DESMA Germany, areas of its core strength, important quality certifications and awards won, the company’s sales and marketing network and the like.
Regarding future vision, Mankodi says that DESMA will strive to retain its current global leadership in the niche market of Rubber Injection Molding Machine, Molds and Cold Runner Block through continuous improvement in present technology, constant

Looking back, could explain how DESMA India was founded?

DESMA India was established in April 1995, in the industrial city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, by renowned Mahendra Patel family of the Mamata Group, as a majority-owned joint venture with Kloeckner DESMA of Germany, the world’s leading manufacturer of machinery for the shoe and rubber molding industries.
This was quite an initial period of post-historic liberalization of the Indian economy. For DESMA Germany, India was a white patch of business opportunities. Mahendra Patel, Chairman of the Mamata Group, could convince the erstwhile Kloeckner Management to trust him and his team and the future possibilities of the Indian industries. This was followed by DESMA Germany’s impeccable support in transferring technology and superior training.

How did DESMA India become a fully-owned partner company of DESMA Germany?

  •  DESMA India was started as a JV — 60% DESMA Germany and 40% Mamata Group.
  • In 2006, DESMA India became fully-owned subsidiary of DESMA Germany and the Mamata Group, as Mamata became an equity partner with the German entity.
  •  In 2011, the Mamata Group divested the share in favor of DESMA and thus DESMA India became fully-owned partner company of DESMA Germany.

Could you tell us which are the areas of your core strength?

We offer machines that meet world-class quality and technology standards. A strong presence with support / service offices close to the customer clusters is one of our key strengths. Lean manufacturing, which allows us to offer machines at competitive prices, is another key strength. We have a qualified team of engineers who are capable of learning the latest technology and working closely together with the DESMA German team. We offer competitive machine customization for given applications when required by the customer. Our core team of factory floor workers is highly skilled, being trained in DESMA Germany on a regular basis.
Our organization is continuously learning and willing to adapt to new working practices, new IT applications, new product applications and more.

What are the measures adopted to keep the high quality of DESMA’s machinery?

  •  From the very early stage, the policy of the Group has always been to establish the best manufacturing practices. Having the background of working with a leading Plastic Machine manufacturer, our team members were experienced in taking care of this aspect.”
  • “Our ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy for any compromise at any stage of manufacturing as well as the policy to adhere to the standards set by our principals was the prime reason for consistent quality.”
  • “Machines delivered by DESMA India from 1996 are still operational 24×7 and this explains the above claims.”

What are the important quality certifications and awards won by DESMA?

  • Important Certifications: QMS- ISO 9001: 2015, EMS- ISO 14001: 2015, OHSAS 18001: 2007
  •  Awards: DKT Product Award for SmartConnect 4.U, Best Sustainable Business Practices award of the year 2018 by Indo-German Chamber of Commerce

How much is the current domestic market share?

DESMA enjoys majority market share of over 85% in the domestic market. We cater to the majority of the Automotive and Electrical markets. We deliver around 200 machines a year. The major customers are all Tier-1 Automotive suppliers.
Please explain the company’s sales and marketing network.
Being a global player with five manufacturing units, we are manufacturing in Germany mainly for the Western markets, in India mainly for its domestic market and also for some selected markets in North & South America, Africa, the Middle & South East Asia. In China, it is 100% for China. We are very well-placed and remain numero uno globally. Though we have a well-knit, defined and cross linked market strategy, markets for us are a group beyond geographical borders. We have no territorial separation as for some key markets like North & South America, Korea, Japan, the Middle & Southeast Asia; we are selling depending on competitive advantage of the market.

Please tell us about DESMA’s vision / goal for the future. What is the road map to achieve it?

DESMA aims to retain global leadership in Rubber Injection Molding Machine, Molds and Cold Runner Block segment through continuous improvement in present technology, new innovations and customer support.