Russian Mining Chemical Company LLC (RMCC) is expanding its range of high grade magnesium compounds and starts the production of high active magnesium oxide. The product is manufactured at the recently opened third processing plant in Vyazma (Smolensk region, Russia) and is sold under the MagPro® trademark.
MagPro® is manufactured on a new calcination line which was constructed in Germany. The line is designed according to the newest developments and technologies available which ensures a stable high-quality end product. The line has a capacity of 7,500 tonnes annually.
Micronized grades of magnesium oxide are most widely used in the production of halogen-containing synthetic rubbers. In particular, MagPro® is used as an inhibitor of premature polymerization, an acid acceptor (HCl) during the production of synthetic rubber. In SMC and BMC production, it serves as a thickener in premixes and prepregs.

Advantages of MagPro®

The use of MagPro® in the production of rubber products gives many advantages, as MagPro® is a natural product and manufactured by indirect calcination of high-quality brucite from the company’s mining operation in Kuldur. This technology avoids contamination of the magnesium oxide with the residues of fuel combustion and also prevents overheating of the product which would reduce its activity.
MagPro® has a precisely defined particle size distribution and a specific surface area of more than 140 m2/g. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology for the selection of raw materials by X-ray radiometric separation of ore, MagPro® has a very stable chemical composition. Moreover, because of the mineral source it does not contain any volatiles like chlorides and sulphates. Because of these features MagPro® provides the same or better performance as the much more expensive synthetic grades of magnesium oxide.
Taking into account the properties of the product and the production technology, MagPro® has the best price-quality ratio in comparison with alternative grades of magnesium oxide.
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