The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., announced that it has established a basic technology for a two-component urethane adhesive with high strength and excellent elasticity.
This technology will be applied to the development of adhesives for automobile body structures, an area expected to see rapid growth worldwide. It can be also applied to various industrial adhesives, including those used in electronic devices exposed to harsh heat cycles, the company says in a Press release.
Yokohama Rubber has been conducting research on adhesives that possess the high strength and excellent elasticity required for automobile structures. The research is based on the company’s renowned urethane adhesive technology for building and automobile window frames.
In the new technology, Yokohama Rubber succeeded in achieving maximum tensile strength of 20 to 40Mpa, comparable to that of epoxy- based adhesives with excellent elasticity unique to urethane adhesives with maximum elongation of 200 to 500%.
The new technology also greatly improves temperature resistance, maintaining stable physical properties in a much wider range from -30°C to 180°C compared with conventional urethane adhesives.

Photo caption: Trial adhesive created by Yokohama’s new technology