Balkrishna Industries Ltd (BKT), one of the major Off-Highway tyre manufacturers worldwide, has taken the sport delegations the company partners with to India to show them the Mumbai headquarters, meet the management and visit the most recent BKT production site in Bhuj in the state of Gujarat.
The tour commenced with a stop at Mumbai to visit BKT’s headquarters in India welcomed by Arvind Poddar, Chairman and Managing Director of BKT, and Rajiv Poddar, the group’s Joint Managing Director.
It was an unprecedented occasion to make the company’s origins and the corporate philosophy along with current business models better known to its new sport partners.
In 2018, BKT has indeed changed its pace compared to the past by undertaking a series of significant international sponsorship agreements in the world of sport – first of all soccer, but also cricket.
This decision is part of BKT’s strategic process aiming by means of a structured investment and action plan at increasing its market share within the specialist Off-Highway segment from the present 6% global value to 10% by 2025, the company says in a Press release.