One of the world’s leading tyre machinery manufacturers, Samson Machinery Inc., based in Taiwan, is known for the superior quality and extensive range of its products. Over the years, the company has made several innovative strides to emerge as a reputed tyre machinery brand across the globe.

The Taiwan-based Samson Machinery Inc. provides full range of tyre building machines to manufacture various kinds of tyres such as bicycle tyres, scooter tyres, motorcycle tyres, all-terrain vehicle tyres, light truck tyres, truck & bus tyres, radial passenger car tyres, and all steel radial tyres, agriculture tyres, OTR tyre and aircraft tyres. Its main products include tyre building machines, band building machines, servicers, building drums, and related equipment.
All its products are manufactured according to ISO 9001, EQA and CE requirements. Since its founding in 1975, Samson Machinery Inc. has made intensive efforts to develop and improve its tyre machinery building capability. “As a professional tyre building machine manufacturer, we provide not only equipment but also service and technical advice,” says Lin Kun Te, President of the company.

Innovation is the key

Innovation is at the core of the company’s values ever since the establishment of Samson and it’s also the driving force behind the company’s sustainable development. In fact, the company is engaged in large-scale R&D activities in order to maintain a high level of innovation and provide safer equipment that has become its trademark.
Except standard machine models, Samson also designs customized machines according to customers’ demands. Its strong R&D always satisfy the requirement and aspirations of tyre factories. Today, the company is a global supplier, with its equipment being exported to Asia, North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East and even to Africa.
Samson distributes its products worldwide. Some of the top 10 tyre companies of the world and many leading regionally famous makers are all Samson’s customers. Due to the very fact that the company supplies its tyre building machines to many countries, Samson is well updated about the world trends in the field and the changing requirement of its customers. “That’s why Samson can always provide the most suitable tyre building machines to tyre companies,” says Lin.
In recent years, the tyre industry has been impacted by the recession of China market. As such, the related industries in the tyre chain have also been impacted. “Fortunately, as a professional tyre building machine manufacturer, Samson always makes great effort in improving the safety aspects and technical design of its products. Subject to global market fundamentals, Samson always keeps a stable market share and export volume,” Lin says adding, “Moreover, Samson has the confidence to scale greater heights in market share.” The company would like to provide good quality machines with reasonable prices, rather than going in for massive production, he emphasises

Focus on improvement

Tyre building machine is a key element that decides the quality of the tyre. Over the years, Samson had supplied thousands of bias and radial tyre building machines with the result that the company has a rich experience in developing tyre building machines best-suited for its customers. For example, Samson improved its radial passenger tyre building machines in recent years.
Today, the company not only offers single-stage radial tyre building machine and traditional two-stage radial tyre building machine, but also has developed automatic two-stages PCR tyre building machine (new version). It’s a full automatic two-stage radial TBM which combines the advantages of single-stage and two-stage radial TBM.
Normally, considering the single-stage TBM efficiency and the two-stage TBM positive drum manufacturing advantages, tyre factories need to choose and decide which kind of machines they need to use according to different tyre design. “It is said like the fish and the bear’s paw, you can’t have both machines’ advantages at the same time,”
says Lin.
To provide better solution, Samson is currently promoting its upgraded two-stage full automatic radial tyre building machine. This full automatic two-stage TBM not only has the advantages of single-stage radial TBM, automatic operation and high capacity, but also has the benefit of two-stage radial TBM, making tyres with expanding-drum method. Using this machine, the operator could make high quality tyres and get high capacity easily.
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