Madhu Silica is expanding capacity by adding another 70,000 mt/annum to be operational by mid of 2019, taking its overall capacity to 270,000 mt/annum

Madhu Silica Pvt. Ltd. (MSPL) is on expansion mode to cater to the growing demand for Precipitated Silicas, especially from the tyre and rubber industries. The company will add another 70,000 metric tonnes (MT) to its annual capacity.
“Our focus has always been tyres and rubber industries in India and globally. We are expanding our capacities by adding another 70,000 mt/annum to its Domestic Unit-IV, which will be operational by mid of 2019, taking our overall capacity to 270,000 mt/annum,” says Darshak Shah, Managing Director of Madhu Silica.
The new expansion comes in a short time as the company had taken a massive expansion in mid-2014 to enhance its production from 100,000 mt/year to 200,000 mt/year.

International reach

Started with a modest production capacity of 300 MT/annum, Madhu Silica today is a well-known brand in the global silica market. Now, under the leadership of Darshak Shah, Madhu Silica has achieved new heights as the company today is India’s largest and world’s fourth largest in Precipitated Silicas.
The company is supplying globally to tyre majors and also cater to all tyre companies in India. “We also cater to all conveyor belts manufacturers, footwear & shoe sole manufacturers, rice roller industries, rubber goods producers etc,” adds Shah.
Madhu Silica is a name to trust while buying Precipitated Silica by a wide array of industries for different applications. “It is a one-stop shop and its product portfolio covers grades of silica exhibiting extensive range of surface areas available in all three physical forms viz. powder, granular and micro-pearl (dust-free) suitable for a broad variety of applications like tyre, footwear, mechanical rubber goods, rice roller, silicone rubber, oral care, food, feed & agrochemical etc,” explains Shah.
Due to tightening regulations for environment and growing demand for higher quality performing and safer tyres, tyre manufacturers are replacing other fillers with silica, mainly in passenger cars tyres. Silica helps to achieve low rolling resistance and improve fuel efficiency and wet traction, and this trend is expected to fuel demand for silica globally.
Madhu Silica also puts continuous efforts to offer different grades of silica for industries like tyre, oral healthcare, paints & coatings, polymer etc. As the demand for precipitated silica is growing in the tyre industry, Madhu Silica is broadening its range with better dispersible and specialised grades of silicas.
“Better dispersible grades and specialised grades of silicas including HDS & Micro Pearl will continue to capture newer markets, resulting in growing demand for premium grades of Precipitated Silica used for tyres,” says Shah.

Focus on quality

However, the new trends are also putting pressure on silica manufacturers to not only produce quality products but also adopt international standard practices in selecting raw materials, research, manufacturing and packing. The company’s manufacturing processes are strategically designed to reduce emission and keep fly loss within permissible levels.
The company also complies with various certifications such as ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001: 2004, OHSAS 18001: 2007, ISO 22000, FAMI-QS etc. The company is also FDA-certified and has registered for REACH.
“We are a customer-centric organization and give maximum customer satisfaction through consistency in quality as well as by in-house rubber, dental, paint application laboratories and personalized services,” says Shah.
The company has four state-of-the-art plants, located in Bhavnagar, producing various grades of silica, which also create one of the highest job opportunities in the region as well. The company has a marketing office located in New Delhi, and exports its products across the globe.

World-class R&D Centre

With the aim of becoming a leading Precipitated Silica manufacturer in the world, Madhu Silica set up a world-class R&D Centre way back in 1996. As Madhu Silica caters to a wide range of industries, the company’s R & D Centre plays a significant role in developing newer grades as per the requirements of customers.
“Our R & D Centre plays an important role in the growth of the company. Our new-generation environment-friendly silica used in tyres is specifically designed to address this need,” says Shah.
The company’s R&D Centre, recognized by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Government of India, has analytical labs, which are equipped with sophisticated equipment to handle testing, product development and scale-up processes as per international standards. The company also closely works with tyre, rubber and dental research centres of multinational customers.
“We have a DSIR approved R & D lab for tyre/rubber, dental, paints, polymers etc, and we continue to invest in latest sophisticated equipment and instruments required for our applications,” says Shah.
In the tyre and rubber industries, the usage of synthetic Precipitated Silica as a reinforcing filler in the Micro Pearl (dust-free) form known for improving processing and high dispersion quality is gaining tremendous momentum. This Micro Pearl form of precipitated silica is available in both conventional and highly dispersible variants and provides great performance properties for a wide range of products and articles.
Madhu Silica’s Micro Pearl is synthetic precipitated silica, non-toxic and chemically inert with an average uniform particle size, which makes it a non-dusting, environmentally safe performance material widely used in rubber and tyre applications.
“This unique morphology white reinforcing filler is predominantly used in low rolling resistance tyres with better wet grip and in mechanical rubber goods and shoe soles which require enhanced performance. The excellent dispersibility of this product provides tyre users with better handling characteristics and longer tread life,” says Shah.
On packaging also, the company has invested in state-of-the-art machinery to offer jumbo packing, standard HDPE bags, brick type paper bags and small pre-weighed packing as per customer requirements.

Vision & mission

Madhu Silica has set its mission to serve the industry by offering consistent quality products, product accessibility with differentiating services. “We have a vision to create a brand image bringing in sustainability with growth,” adds Shah.
Like its business practices, Madhu Silica also rigorously follows its commitment to serve the society. “Our company is committed to excel beyond the statute and takes initiatives to reduce air pollution. Several projects are regularly undertaken for CSR & environmental safeguards,” adds Shah.
Gujarat Pollution Control Board has expressed its appreciation of Madhu Silica’s work and has published an article on the company’s creditable work in its magazine ‘Environmental Action’.