Paul Mathias, a truck driver who stepped in to help a family when their SUV was struck by another vehicle, accepted the Goodyear Highway Hero Award.
Mathias, a US military veteran, had just stopped his truck at a red light in Phoenix, Arizona, when a vehicle slammed into an SUV inhabited by a mother and her two children. Mathias helped the mother perform CPR on her son and comforted her daughter, who passed away moments later. He then administered CPR to the boy until emergency crews arrived and took over. The boy survived.
“We are proud to add Paul Mathias to our list of Goodyear Highway Heroes. His leadership, courage and willingness to help a family in crisis exemplify the spirit of this award,” said Gary Medalis, Marketing Director, Goodyear.
Mathias received a commemorative Goodyear Highway Hero ring during a special event in Louisville, Kentucky.