Garnetread™ patented traction formula produces tires with superior traction in winter with increased control on dry and rain slick pavement, the perfect all season tire traction and control solution. The pace-setting garnet traction tire formula has an excellent addition to all existing rubber-based tire configurations, says Garnetread™

James Scheller was driving a truck for his family business on icy, snow covered Idaho roads when he first began his quest for better traction on slick roads. James, an engineering degree holder from Washington State University, met with John Cook, a Professor Emeritus and Research Engineer at Washington State University, who was working on a new pavement material that could withstand damage from studded tires. Cook’s idea was to add garnet to paving asphalt. Garnet, a semi-precious stone, is an extremely hard mineral. Scheller’s idea was to add industrial-grade garnet to tire rubber for better traction. Following years of experimentation, Scheller developed a patented formula for adding garnet to rubber. The result: Tires with superior all season traction. Garnetread™ formula patent #4,082,131 with additional patents pending.

Garnetread™ formula-infused tires have been independently tested by Washington State University in wet, dry, snow and icy conditions. Test results clearly show the superior traction of Garnetread’s garnet-infused tire formulation to other tires. Test results confirm that a vehicle equipped with Garnetread™-infused tires resulted in shorter stopping distances on ice glazed pavement than when the same vehicle was tested with studded tires, and without the pavement wear caused by studded tires, while facilitating positive control of the vehicle. A key feature of Garnetread-infused tires is constant traction in all weather conditions even with normal tire wear as new pieces of garnet are constantly exposed maintaining traction.
Tests funded by the Federal Highway Administration and the US Department of Transportation, proved that Garnetread™-infused tires have exceptional performance benefits for year-round use with superior dry and wet-pavement traction and control.

Garnetread™-infused tires have been approved for use by State Highway Administrators. The State of Washington, following extensive testing, has approved and recommended the use of Garnetread’s infused tires for travel on snow and ice covered roads. Additional documented industry tests in Washington and Oregon clearly show that Garnetread™-infused tires stop as well or better than studded tires on icy roads. State Transportation officials stipulated no seasonal time restrictions for the use of Garnetread™ infused tires since tests showed minimal wear to pavement surfaces.

Over 100,000 tires have been sold incorporating Garnetread™ patented traction formula. Drivers of vehicles equipped with Garnetread™-infused tires extoll not only the superior traction in winter conditions but also relate how impressed they are with performance on dry and rain-slick pavement, the perfect all season tire traction and control solution.

Garnetread™ has a secured raw materials supply chain, a patented, all-season garnet-based traction tire formulation that can be adapted to any rubber based tire design, approval for year-round use from State Transportation officials, test results that prove minimal wear to pavement surfaces, increased tire mileage, minimal pavement and strong customer support and approval of its 21st century tire traction formula. Garnetread™ positioned for a global rollout of its patented traction technology, seeks licensing, manufacturing and distribution agreements with the tire industry.

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