ANRPC member-countries exported a total volume of 888,000 tonnes of NR during January 2019, up 1.8% from the same month in the previous year.
The volume of export was up 1.6% in Thailand, 20.1% in Vietnam and 29.8% in Cambodia. However, the volume was down in the case of Indonesia (-7.4%) and Malaysia (-0.5%).
During the year 2018, exports of NR by ANRPC member-countries had fallen by 1.4% to 10.280 million tonnes, from 10.428 million tonnes recorded in 2017.
Meanwhile, ANRPC member-countries imported 735,000 tonnes of NR in January 2019, down 5% as compared to 774,000 tonnes of NR imported in January 2018.
All countries except Vietnam reported fall in NR imports in January. NR imports by China fell by -10.8%, India -4.8% and Malaysia -0.5%.
During 2018, NR imports by ANRPC member-countries grew 1.3% to 7.81 million tonnes, as compared to 7.706 million tonnes in 2017, says ANRPC.