Here is a tribute from Dr R Mukhopadhyay, Chairman, Indian Rubber Institute (IRI), to late Biswanath Dutta, an expert in the field of rubbers/polymers and a former Chairman of IRI Kolkata Branch

Biswanath Dutta had an active career for more than 50 years in the field of rubbers/polymers. Born on January 30, 1944, he served in various companies in India & abroad over these years.
Initially, he started his career from footwear technology and then he joined the Bengal Water Proof Limited (Duckback), one of the pioneering companies in non-tyre products from where he retired as the Technical Director.
He had a very special skill and knowledge for developing a large number of rubber products. He was attached to various organizations like TATA Steel, HINDALCO etc. as an advisor/consultant after his superannuation.
He served as Chairman of IRI Kolkata Branch for a long period and expanded the activities of rubber in the eastern region.
He was an expert committee member for Rubber Technology Centre, IIT Kharagpur, as well as a member of many similar organizations. His contribution towards academics is immense, as he delivered a series of lectures several years since the inception of the Rubber Technology course at Rubber Technology Centre, IIT Kharagpur.
He also delivered special and invited lectures in conferences and short-term courses over the years. He contributed two chapters in the books “Rubber Products Manufacturing Technology” published by Marcel Dekker, New York, USA.
He left the world on March 10, 2019, leaving behind his wife, son, daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandsons, friends, and well-wishers.
May his soul rest in peace.