Hankook Tire Co. Ltd. has rebranded itself as “Hankook Tire & Technology” to reflect its technological innovations and strengthen its future new business development strategy. Hankook Tire Worldwide, the holding company, changes its name to ‘Hankook Technology Group’. Hankook is also changing the names of several holding companies and major affiliates to form a unified brand system which will expand the group’s corporate brand identity to a technology-based innovation group, and consolidate their position as a global company by enhancing global competitiveness, creating a synergy effect to boost shareholder value as well.
“The name change of Hankook Tire Group is an attempt to cope with the era of the fourth industrial revolution, which increases the uncertainty of the future industrial ecosystem, to strengthen the business competitiveness of individual affiliates, and to lay the groundwork for continuously promoting destructive innovation that will challenge new business development,” the company says in a Press release.
“With such change, the company plans to reinforce its position as a leading global technology company through strengthening quality growth and competitiveness of the tyre business, as well as the new growth power system centered on technology, brand, and network,” the company adds.