Since the rainy season has just begin in Kerala, which constitutes about 92 % of India’s rubber production, the Rubber Board, India, requests all rubber growers to ensure that the latex collection cups in their holdings are kept in inverted position after collecting latex in the rainy season. This is because rainwater getting collected in the cups is a good medium for breeding of mosquitoes.
When tapping is carried out uninterruptedly, at least once every week, there is little chance for the water to remain in the cups for long. But as the monsoon sets in, tapping operations may be disrupted for longer periods, leading to proliferation of mosquitoes.
Rainwater may also get collected in the folds of plastic rainguards fixed on the trees and also in the old and damaged collection cups, and other utensils and old plastic sheets lying discarded in the plantations. The Board requests all rubber growers and tappers to be careful to avoid such circumstances.