Dr Katrina Cornish, scientific advisor of American Sustainable Rubber Company, LLC (ASR), the wholly owned subsidiary of United American Healthcare Corporation (UAHC), has received the Bioenvironmental Polymer Lifetime Achievement Award.

The award instituted by The Bioenvironmental Polymer Society (BEPS) has chosen Dr Cornish for this prestigious award in recognition of her outstanding leadership and research contributions in developing next-generation bio-based materials by processes that are safe and environmentally friendly.

“I am honored to receive the Bioenvironmental Polymer Lifetime Achievement Award,” said Dr. Katrina Cornish. “It is a great achievement to be recognized for my research and work by the Bioenvironmental Polymer Society and to be among the recipients who have won in years past. I look forward to continuing my work and research in natural rubber and sustainable materials.”

Dr. Cornish currently leads a program on alternative rubber production, bio-based fillers, and exploitation of opportunity feedstocks from agriculture and food processing wastes for value-added products and biofuels. She has authored over 267 papers and holds about 20 patents.

“Dr. Cornish is the original researcher who demonstrated that natural rubber could be sourced from genetically-modified TK dandelion plants, which we plan to leverage to help achieve our goal of producing natural rubber domestically on a commercially-viable scale,” said Timothy Madden, President of American Sustainable Rubber.