OFRU Recycling presents a complete solvent recycling concept for use in new or existing flexographic printers.

Flexographic printing machines are usually equipped with an automatic cleaning system. For each cycle of press washing, the cleaning system requires a certain amount of clean solvent to rinse the printing units. The need for cleaning solvents increases with the number of inks and job changes. The operator is then forced to deal with a cost effective and efficient supply of these solvents.

To this end, OFRU presents a concept of adequate recycling of contaminated solvents for the packaging printing market. The concept consists of the ASC-150 solvent recycling system in combination with solvent tanks.

The ASC-150 with a heating capacity of 24 kW is used successfully worldwide in the printing of packaging and continuously cleans mixtures of ethanol and ethyl acetate. The flexographic printing machine pumps the contaminated solvent to the OFRU recycling plant. Two 1000 litre high-quality stainless steel tanks in approved design dampen the mixture of contaminated and recycled solvents. Tanks are also available in plastic as an economical alternative.