Global leader in Technology for high-end tyre machinery making Safe-Run has won the international bidding, and obtained the bulk order of intelligent logistics which is highly technology-sophisticated for the Linglong Tire Serbia project valued at more than 700 million yuan. The project is the first European tyre project under China’s Belt and Road Initiative. The factory is currently the largest foreign direct investment project in Serbia, with planned area of
130 hectares and total floor area of nearly 400,000 square meters, which will provide capacity of 13.62 million high-performance radial tires of various types after completion. The project will leverage artificial intelligence, mobile sensing, industrial big data and industrial robotics to integrate lean management, excellent quality, green manufacturing and high-end brand all in one, and offer an all-round intelligent, automated and green tire factory, to set the benchmark for high-end intelligent manufacturing and green supply chain systems.

In addition to the Linglong tire project in Europe, Safe-Run is also proactively involved in Roadbot Tire Project in Abu Dhabi. Safe-Run is responsible for providing key equipment of the first phase of the project. Together with internationally renowned companies such as Siemens and AB, it will build a world-class smart tyre factory for Roadbot.

“The Linglong Tire Factory in Serbia is the first European tire project under China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Vučić, president of Serbia and Chen Bo, Chinese Ambassador to Serbia honoured the groundbreaking of the project with their presence. Safe-Run competed with excellent suppliers, including well-known enterprises from Finland, South Korea, and Japan in the international arena. By going through the evaluation of the expert team of Linglong Tire, Safe-Run finally won the strenuous international bidding and obtained the bulk order of intelligent logistics which is highly technology-sophisticated project of the Linglong Tire Serbia project at a value of more than 700 million yuan,” said Zhang Yingzi, chairman of the board of Safe-Run Group.

Safe-Run has always been an important partner of Linglong, providing intelligent automated production lines and PCR Uni-stage Tyre Building Machine for the factory of the latter in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province, which is the location of its Headquarters, as well as factories in Liuzhou, Guangxi Province, Jingmen, Hubei Province, and Thailand. The total number of projects currently serving Linglong Tire is nearly 1.5 billion yuan, said a statement from Safe-Run.

The Roadbot factory will have industrial internet of things, logistics automation, equipment intelligence, connected devices and real-time collection and intelligent analysis of system data, the automotive and intelligent management are achieved in the overall process of raw material inventory, mixing, molding, curing, inspection, and final product releasing. At the same time, Safe-Run provides Roadbot with high-end smart building machine and energy-saving and environmental friendly curing press.

Orders worth over 3.5 billion RMB

Although the current tyre market is not promising, Safe-Run, as a supplier of top tyre makers such as Linglong, Giti, Nexen Tire and Roadbot, etc., has already hold orders of more than 3.5 billion RMB. The record height initiate a new era of glory of Safe-Run, says Zhang Yuguang, sales director of Safe-Run.

“In the next three to five years, Safe-Run will ride the wave of industrial and market double restructure to further extend product portfolio from only PCR building machine to a whole family of high-end PCR automatic building machine, TBR automatic four-drum building machine, TBR and PCR hydraulic curing press; conduct strategic cooperation with SK Group of South Korea to exploit late-mover advantage in business segments such as smart logistics and intelligent production line, and develop the competitive industry- smart logistics while its high-end PCR building machine is taking the lead in China; shift from domestic market-oriented approach to a parallel development of both domestic and foreign markets, and especially participate in the development of the One Belt One Road market to turn the passive sales market to a creative and innovative market and boost market vitality. It is estimated that Safe-Run’s market sales and profit growth rate will reach 30-40 percent on average in the next three to five years, and turnover will exceed RMB 1.7 billion by 2020,” said Zhang Yuguang.