E. Ranjt Kuruvilla, (59), Chairman of the R.K. Latex Pvt. Ltd. and a pioneer of Indian latex industry has passed away. An avowed spokesman of the Indian rubber industry, he has been a major presence in national and international rubber forums representing the Indian rubber industry. He has been the Chairman of the R.K. Latex Pvt. Ltd. since 1996. He is survived by his wife Shenaz and sons, Yohan and Rajiv. His funeral will be held on Saturday at Bangalore, India.

A plantation expert, he had his schooling in Ootty. He had a Bachelor Degree in Commerce from Madras University and a Doctorate in Marketing from Open International University, Colombo. An alumnus of Christian College, Madras, he also studied Chartered Accountancy course from the Institute of Chartered Accountant of India. He took over the management of the R.K Latex group from his father late E.J. Kuruvilla, a visionary and management expert. He was an active office-bearer of most of South India based Rubber Industry Associations.

Mardec R.K. Latex Pvt. Ltd. (MRK) had its formative origin during the 1940s when the large Rubber Estates were purchased and cultivated in Kerala by the R.K. group. During the 1980s and early 1990s, the Group expanded its activities into the processing of Creamed and Centrifuged latex. Under the leadership and guidance of E. Ranjit Kuruvilla, the Group’s important milestone was in the year 1999. During the year, it entered into a strategic tie-up with Mardec Berhad, Malaysia, a world leader in the natural rubber. The name of the Company was then changed from ‘R.K. Latex Pvt. Ltd’ to ‘Mardec R.K. Latex Pvt. Ltd’.

Ranjit Kuruvilla was also the Chairman and Managing Director of Mardec R.K. Golden Crumb Pvt. Ltd., D1 Fortification Pvt. Ltd., R.K. Investments and Holdings Pvt. Ltd. and Director of R1 International India Pvt. Ltd., Anamallais Resorts Pvt. Ltd., and TRC Construction India Pvt. Ltd.

He was a close associate and supporter of Rubber Asia and was a major sponsor of Indian Rubber Summit and Dinner (IRSD) organised by Rubber Asia. May his soul rest in peace