Dow has launched SILASTIC LTC 9400 Series Liquid Silicone Rubbers (LSRs) as part of the full portfolio of high-performance SILASTIC silicone elastomers. This improved low-temperature cure LSR opens the material to new applications across a wide range of industries, including automotive, electronics and consumer. The company is enabling greater design freedom and process efficiency with its latest introduction to the North American elastomer market.

“The LSR market today is being driven by growing customer demands for optimum quality, processing and efficiency, as well as greater design and application flexibility,” said Gifford Shearer, Market Manager, Silicone Elastomers. “Low-temperature cure LSRs, like the SILASTIC LTC 9400 LSRs, lend themselves well to addressing each of these needs as customers look to get more from the silicone rubber products they use. We look forward to seeking together new possibilities in this space and across the entire silicone elastomer market, beginning at the International Elastomer Conference.”

An ideal solution for high-volume injection moulding applications, SILASTIC LTC 9400 LSRs provide fast temperature activation across a wide processing-temperature range. The low-temperature curing nature of this series allows overmolding the LSR elastomers onto low-melting-point plastics or other thermally sensitive components, including electronics devices – an application previously not possible with LSRs. Beyond design and application flexibility, customers can also expect to see greater efficiency, processability, robustness and energy savings when incorporating SILASTIC LTC 9400 LSRs into their specifications.