Global leader in reprocessed rubber compounds DRI Rubber has acquired LRP Solutions (aka Linear Rubber Products), which specialises in manufacturing and selling Agricultural Matting for animal comfort. Following this, LRP Solutions, which will continue to operate under the name, is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of DRI Rubber USA. Effective November 1, 2019, all business will be consolidated to DRI’s USA Division in Coldwater, OH.

The acquisition further impacts DRI’s focus on improving the rubber industry’s environmental footprint by expanding its sustainable, finished rubber goods division. The combination of LRP Solutions expertise in the matting world, aligned with DRI’s extensive technical knowledge will provide improved quality and performance to customers. DRI Rubber can integrate their fibre-reinforcement technology and materials (FRC) while uniting the portfolios from both companies to offer a wider scope of products to the commercial, industrial, and agricultural markets. Currently, they offer the largest moulded mats for equine use, durable slat mats with a patent-pending fastening system, and a variety of commercial and industrial matting solutions.

DRI RUBBER will leverage LRP Solutions’ existing brand identity and website, as part of their newly restructured finished goods division. It is in the process of unifying their website and product offering with LRP Solutions current catalogue. While the transition will take place over the next several months, clients will continue to receive the same high-quality products and service which they have come to expect.