Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI) has launched Tyre Leap AI Analysis tyre technology as part of its tyre concept for the future. The new technology will leverage real-world data on key properties of compounded rubber to allow its technicians to predict its outcome after use.

“The Tyre Leap AI Analysis technology will dissect compounded rubber, which comprises of materials such as natural/synthetic rubber polymers, carbon black or silica-based reinforcing agents, cross-linking agents and additives, to evaluate the various “interlocking” factors related to these materials and the structures that they jointly form, among others. The combined data of a rubber compound will also yield precise estimates of its associated rubber properties,” said the company.

SRI provides an example in an electron microscope imagery of tyre rubber compounds, which achieves high-precision analysis. It will help to derive accurate estimates of rubber properties from structural data found in this imagery, says Sumitomo.

Besides, the new technology is able to detect structural changes that occur during use by comparing used and unused rubber, far advancing the previous limits of analysing rubber.