Yokohama Rubber and Alps Alpine Company are conducting joint R&D on passenger car tyre sensors, the company has said. Yokohama is conducting R&D with a view to developing a solutions business that uses digital tools to process and manage data about tyre wear and road surface conditions in addition to its previous R&D on tyre pressure monitoring. We believe it is also important to develop systems and applications that provide data obtained from tires to drivers and certain other parties. Such systems and apps are widely expected to add value to new tire business. Accordingly, we are accelerating the development of tire sensors through a joint development effort with Alps Alpine.

Alps Alpine, established in 1948, is an electronic components manufacturer that develops, manufactures, and sells information & communications components used in smartphones and other devises, in-vehicle audio equipment, and information & communications equipment. In addition to sensor development, Alps Alpine has system design and software development capabilities that we expect will deliver a synergistic effect to our new tire business model, the company said.

In 2004, Yokohama Rubber became the first tyre maker in Japan to develop a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) for passenger cars. Sales of the system, dubbed ‘AIR watch’, began on a limited basis in 2005.