Akron Rubber Development Laboratory (ARDL) has installed a new Metravib DMA+2000 Viscoelastic and Fatigue Testing Machine offering advanced capabilities for mechanical property characterization. The new equipment will meet the ever-changing needs of customers in the elastomers, plastics, composites and biomaterial industries. Research and development measurements available include frequency sweep, temperature sweep, stress and/or strain amplitude, wave form, and environmental exposure.

Specific tests available on the Metravib DMA+2000 include DMA, TMA, tensile/compression tests, glass transition, heat buildup, creep, crack growth, Goodrich flexometer testing, stress relaxation, exothermic reaction, shrinkage and rheological properties. ARDL can assist customers in new material development as well as determine failure modes when only a minimal amount of material is available from the field.

Technical parameters of the machine include: Minimum Frequency of 0.00001Hz to 1000Hz, Temperature Range of -150°C to +500°C, 2000N Peak to Peak Dynamic Force, Displacement 12 mm Max, Modulus 500 Pa to 3E12 Pa and Measurement Range >6 decades, said ARDL.

ARDL is an ISO 9001:2015 Registered, A2LA Accredited to ISO 17025 and FDA Compliant international independent testing, development and problem-solving laboratory serving all facets of the rubber, plastic and latex industries. For details- www.ardl.com