Italian retreading major Marangoni has launched the new MTXL retread for the OTR tyre segment. The new solution was developed for Finland-based Lujakumi and its customer Valtasiirto. The end-user was looking for a way to use these casings for a second life with a tread design similar to the original and fit for their specific needs: traction and cut/tear resistance. Following this request, Marangoni started evaluating the development of a new product, keeping a constant, productive and meaningful dialogue with its distributor, the company said.

Ayhan Haliloglou, OTR tyre Area Manager at Marangoni, said “Recently, a customer from Finland contacted us to request if we could design a new retread solution for the tyres mounted as original equipment on their Kiruna slag pot carriers,” he says. “These new premium tyres of the size 29.5R29 had a newly designed casing, with higher load capacity and a completely new tread design.”

Markku Mäkipää, OTR Specialist at Lujakumi, said, “Besides retreading their standard wheel loader and articulated dumper tyres, Valtasiirto were also looking for an economical and ecological solution for their specialized pot carrier vehicles,” says Mäkipää. “Having successfully cooperated with Marangoni for several years, we knew that everything was in place to satisfy this request,” he adds.

The tyres have been recently shipped back to Finland, where they have been further inspected and mounted on one of the Valtasiirto’s slag pot carriers. Currently, the MTXL retreads are in operation and are being closely monitored by Lujakumi’s technical specialists, to prove that Marangoni OTR retreads are suitable for the toughest conditions of this severe industrial application, a statement said.