Malaysian Rubber exports to zoom
RSDC, Crescent University tie-up for dual certification in Rubber Technology
BKT launches high-performance Flotation tyres
Iran Tyre Industry on Revival Track


  • Keep cups inverted after latex collection, rubber growers told

    Rainy season is to begin in Kerala, India, soon. In this contest, the Rubber Board, India, has urged rubber growers to ensure that the latex collection cups in their holdings are kept in inverted position after collecting latex in the rainy season. This is because rainwater getting collected in the […]

  • Uptrend continues in Indian NR production

    In India, the uptrend in natural rubber (NR) production continues with the production during the month of April 2017 showing an increase of 23.1 per cent as compared to the production during the same period the year before. Production during April 2017 is 48,000 tonnes whereas it was 39,000 tonnes […]


  • LANXESS honours outstanding architects

    Specialty chemicals company LANXESS presented its third Colored Concrete Works Award to Rudy Ricciotti, a distinguished architect who has achieved something unique in the use of colored concrete. He got the award for his “Musée des Civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée” (MuCEM) project in Marseille in the south […]

  • `Best Paper Award’ for RRII Scientist

    Dr M A Mercy, Senior Scientist, Rubber Research Institute of India(RRII), got ‘Best Paper Award’ for the paper presented at a national seminar on ‘Natural Resources Management for Horticultural Crops under Changing Climatic Conditions’ with special reference to Drought Management of Plantation Crops & Spices. The paper was titled ‘Performance […]

Market Watch

  • ANRPC launches R-MART to offer training in market research

    As a new initiative, ANRPC launched a five-day International Training in Rubber Market Research and Analysis (R-MART) exclusively for market research officials in its member governments. This will be a regular event to be conducted every year. The first edition of R-MART was held in Kuala Lumpur from April 17 […]

  • World NR supply to be down in 2017:ANRPC

    World supply of natural rubber (NR) is anticipated to be in short of demand during 2017, says Association of Natural Rubber producing Countries (ANRPC). The just released latest statistical analysis of ANRPC says that World supply, including ANRPC member countries and non-ANRPC countries, in 2017 is anticipated at 12.771 million […]



    By A Saj Mathews : There is currently a growing realisation of the rubber might of the African region where most countries still have massive unexploited areas highly conducive for natural rubber. This is likely to lead to the dawn of a new era of fresh investments in NR without […]

  • My mentor and role model

    By Rajendra V.Gandhi On the early morning of January 11, Mr KM Philip passed away peacefully in Chennai at a matured age of 104. He lived a full life. He was considered as a father of the Indian rubber industry due to his unparalleled service to the cause of the […]



    As one of the leading manufacturers of release agents and auxiliary materials for the production of technical rubber parts worldwide, Münch Chemie is continually developing innovative solutions that fit customers’ specific requirements Since its founding in 1948, the family-run company Münch Chemie International GmbH with its headquarters in Weinheim, Germany, […]

  • Trelleborg launches new sealing system

    Trelleborg, a world leader in engineered polymer solutions, has launched its innovative cast-in profile sealing system designed to help the tunnelling industry keep to project timescales and budgets, and shorten the production process of concrete tunnel gaskets. The sealing system is pre-cast into the tunnel segment during manufacture, removing the […]


    Symbolizing a vital technological breakthrough in China’s tire machinery industry, Tianjin Saixiang Technology Co. Ltd (TST) is rolling out innovative, cost-performance OTR radial tire building machines of special customized design and providing highly customized services with a view to protecting the core interests of tire makers at home and abroad. […]

  • SONGWON, SABO to strengthen strategic partnership

    SONGWON Industrial Group, the second largest manufacturer of polymer stabilizers in the world, and SABO S.p.A., a world leader in the development and manufacturing of hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS), announced plans to further strengthen their already successful collaborative partnership. Both organizations have agreed to combine their technology and expertise […]



    Tianjin Saixiang Technology Co. Ltd. (TST), China’s trend-setting tire machinery maker, is fast moving ahead with clear plans of market expansion and a vision of building up Saixiang into a reputed brand of customer loyalty both domestically and internationally for the next five years. In an extensive interview to Rubber […]

  • Iran tyre industry looks for investments and JVs : Mohammad Reza Ganji, Chairman, Iran Tire Association

    By Sharad Matade As economic sanctions on Iran were lifted from this January, the country’s tyre companies are looking for fresh investments and technology collaborations to be more competitive, according to Mohammad Reza Ganji, Chairman of Iran Tire Association. “We are planning to double our production capacity in the next five […]

  • Indian glove industry must raise capacity: G Narayana Pillai

    By P. Venugopal From a Production Foremen with Mysore Rubbers Pvt Ltd (M M Foam) in the early seventies, G Narayana Pillai has gone a long way to become a much-sought-after global Consultant on latex products such as gloves, condoms, balloons and catheters. His long and varied experience with a […]


  • Brazilian NR market Exciting times

    By Diogo Esperante :  The recovery in prices, the import tax hikes, the Government’s anti-cyclical policies to protect its farmers from downtrend cycles, the important role of ABRABOR that is preparing a Master Plan to take the country’s NR plantation industry to a next level etc have enthused the Brazilian […]


  • Innovative technology to extract high quality carbon black

    By Chris Twigg : Black Bear’s patented innovative technology facilitates harvesting of high-quality carbon black from end-of-life tyres in a clean, sustainable way that adds upcycled value Every year circa 2.4 billion tyres are produced on a global scale. With close to 1 billion tyres reaching the end of their […]

International Rubber Price

24/05/2017 (USD/100 kg)

RSS3 – 226.55
RSS4 – 225.70
SMR20 –  153.75
Latex 60% –  154.35

Indian Rubber Price

24/05/2017 (Rs/kg)

RSS4 – 128.00
ISNR20 – 118.00
Latex – 60% –  91.95

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