Asia-Pacific Entrepreneur Award for Ananda Caldera
Maxxis Tyres rolls out first consignment from Sanand plant
Floods ravage rubber plantations in Kerala
India Rubber Meet 2018 postponed


  • Cochin Rubber Merchants’ Association has said that the decline in rubber output will be more than 15 percent due to floods. President of the  Association GP Goyal has told Moneycontrol that the rubber tapping has completely stopped for last 15-20 days. Workers from Bihar and Orissa left Kerala and product sale has drastically come down, […]

  • The Automotive Tyre Manufacturers Association (ATMA), the trade body of tyre producers in India, has stated that the recent floods in the rubber producing state of Kerala will gravely affect the Natural Rubber (NR) production in India. In the most devastating flood in a century happened in the coastal state of India had caused a […]


  • Ning Gaoning, who has been appointed Chairman of Pirelli C. S.p.A, ranks among China’s most influential business leaders. Apart from Pirelli, he is concurrently guiding the destinies of a number of other leading companies in China. Gaoning, who has an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh, also currently serves as […]

  • Steve Cron, Senior Principal Product Research Engineer at Michelin, who has been selected for the Harold Herzlich Distinguished Technology Medal instituted by the International Exhibition and Conference (ITEC), has done extensive research on tyre technology and come out with various innovative products. In 1997, Cron and longtime friend and colleague, […]

Market Watch

  • Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has signed an agreement to acquire Sil-Pro, a U.S.-based privately-owned contract manufacturer of high-tolerance silicone and thermoplastic components, to strengthen its positions in attractive market segments. With head office and production facility in Delano, Minnesota, Sil-Pro reported total sales of about SEK 350 million in 2017 and also offers assembly for medical […]

  • The global rubber gloves market is anticipated to witness a compound annual growth rate of 7.95% during the period of 2018 to 2013 to reach a total market size of US$3.714 billion by 2023, increasing from US$2.347 billion in 2017, according to estimates made by Research and Markets. Growing global healthcare industry is one of […]


  • Bridgestone and Goodyear recently joined the league of four other leading tyre makers who have committed themselves to procuring natural rubber only from producers who undertake rubber cultivation without grabbing land and clearing natural forests The global tyre majors have made significant headway in the implementation of a sustainable natural […]

  • Nitrile gloves are of late making aggressive inroads into the global gloves market thanks to some of their distinctive advantages over the traditional natural rubber latex gloves. Here’s a glimpse into some of the outstanding features of nitrile gloves Disposable nitrile gloves offer superior performance in a variety of work […]


  • LANXESS posted 6.8% increase in Group sales to around EUR 1.8 billion in the second quarter (April-June) of 2018. Net income improved significantly to EUR 126 million against EUR 3 million in the prior-year quarter. Sales in the Advanced Intermediates segment were EUR 546 million in the second quarter of 2018, 8.1 % higher than […]

  • Apollo Tyres’ ‘Tyre Exchange Festival’ evoked massive response from customers. ‘Tyre Exchange Festival’, applicable on both passenger car tyres and two-wheeler tyres, saw the participation from around 2,50,000 customers across the country, resulting in sales of 1 million tyres under this offer. Gujarat itself accounted for nearly one-tenth of tyres being sold during the period. […]

  • Tyremakers in India have embarked on aggressive capacity expansion to meet the growing demand from automobile manufacturers and replacement market. They are focusing on expanding their footprint in both domestic and international markets. The projected growth in demand for tyres is expected to be driven largely by Truck and Bus (T&B), PV and scooter segments. […]

  • Top Glove Corporation Bhd, the world’s largest manufacturer of gloves, is all set to further expand its manufacturing capabilities, organically as well as through M&As and joint ventures. The construction of Factory 31 and Factory 32 is underway, which upon completion, will increase the Group’s total number of production lines by an additional 74 lines […]


  • The shift to nitrile gloves is mainly seen in the US and NR latex gloves are still dominant in many other countries. As such, there is still a big market for NR latex gloves, says T G Thomas, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), St Mary’s Rubbers Pvt Ltd, a leading latex processor and manufacturer of Latex […]

  • Both NR latex gloves and nitrile gloves have inherent strengths and weaknesses. The use of powder-free gloves, whether of NR or Nitrile origin, is the most logical alternative to prevent allergic sensitization or other complications, says Dr. Sunil E Fernando, a seasoned glove industry professional and former Managing Director of Dipped Products PLC (DPL), a […]

  • Sharad P Matade The one-and-a-half century old Sri Lankan rubber industry has been a pioneer in many breakthroughs in the Asian rubber industry. Millions of people are dependent on the upstream rubber industry, which is a major contributor to the country’s economy. However, falling production, volatile prices, unpredictable weather, ineffective implementation of policies etc are […]


  • By John Stone: The landmark announcement of the European Commission early this May approving the implementation of provisional anti-dumping duties on imported Chinese tyres has virtually put the truck tyre markets in the UK and Europe in turmoil. The general feeling in Europe is that the market is going to […]


  • The Yokohama Rubber Company has developed a double-tube internal heat exchanger for use in automotive air-conditioners to improve the cooling efficiency. The HFC-134a, which is widely used as a refrigerant for automotive air conditioners, has a high GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 1,430, and therefore, the switching to HFO-1234yf (GWP=4), […]

International Rubber Price

21/08/2018 (USD/100 kg)

RSS3 – 147.30
RSS4 – 146.40
SMR20 –  135.25
Latex 60% –  100.20

Indian Rubber Price

21/08/2018 (Rs/kg)

RSS4 – 133.50
ISNR20 – 130.30
Latex – 60% –  100.40

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